Company Payment options (Paid in full, EFT, monthly) Discount options: Paid in Full, in agency auto, Covg A Min Guaranteed RC Umbrella option Central air required Central Heat Required Accept Asbestos siding Unacceptable dog breeds Water Damager Limits Age Water Damage Limits applied Pool Eligible/requirement Slide Eligible Diving Board Eligible Trampoline Eligible/requirement Age of construction minimum Roof age minimum Crawl space acceptable policy types offered (Home, DWG, Condo, Renters, etc.) Other notes
American Modern pay in full, semi annual, quarterly, bi monthly, and Monthly Auto-Home, Association, Claims Free, Paperless, Paid in Full, Multi-Policy $50,000 100 none yes yes Animal Liability Exclusion 10% of coverage A fenced 4ft, self locking gate yes, needs UW yes, needs UW none 20 Boat, Collector Vehicle, Dwelling Basic, Dwelling Special, Earthquake, Homeowner, Manufactured Home, Tenant, Motor Sports, Yacht LINK
Encompass N/A
Foremost (Star) 1, 2 , 4 pay, EFT DF1-5k, DF3-20k ACV, DF6-10k depends on the RCE no need in good condition, require UW optl endmnt fenced 4ft, self locking gate yes, needs UW yes, needs UW none, surcharges yes Trad site build, MFH, Recrea veh, ATV, Marine policy, motor home. travel trailer LINK
Foremost Signature (MetLife)
Safeco Full,Two-pay, 4-pay, 2-pay semi-annual, EFT, credit card, check umbrella, Package auto, burglar alarm, newer home, renewal, sprinkler discount 100 yes yes Akita – Chow – Doberman Pinscher – Presa Canario – Pit Bull – Rottweiler – Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Wolf hybrid $5,000 1960 or newer 25 yrs Home, condo, renters, landlord, umb, auto, motorcycle, watercraft
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