Small Business Saturday is an important day for business owners. Since the holiday’s debut in 2010, consumers have reported spending an estimated $85 billion at independent retailers and restaurants on this day (American Express Company).

Held the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday is strategically sandwiched between two other big shopping holidays: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Together, the three days contribute to a boost in sales and traffic as consumers get a head start on holiday shopping.

Whether you’re a seasoned Small Business Saturday pro, or this is your first year giving it a try, make sure you’re ready to go on November 24 with these safety and strategy tips:

Get Social

Use social media to show consumers what makes your business unique. If you’re offering special sales or promotions in honor of Small Business Saturday, showcase them in advance to generate excitement.

PS: If you’re looking for ideas on how to optimize social media for your small business, you’ll find them – plus tips on managing your accounts – here.

Ask for Help

You’ll need all hands on deck! Create a holiday game plan for you and your employees so you’re fully staffed for busy events like Small Business Saturday. Review schedules and expectations with employees prior to the event, and stay up to date on overtime pay laws. If you are limited on employees, consider hiring temporary/seasonal staff.

Don’t Slip Up on Facility Hazards

In some regions of the country, snow and ice could be on the ground. Clear snow and ice from your parking lot, sidewalks and entrances, and carefully remove any hanging icicles on the roof or overhangs. Here are some ways you can prevent slips and falls. Inside, keep your store’s walkways clear at all times, and establish a system to store products correctly and efficiently, out of the way of customers. Even though this is a day to sell a lot of inventory, your employees’ and customers’ safety is more important.

Make it a Party

With food, that is. If you are serving food or handing out samples, post a sign with all potential allergens. Also consider the way you are serving food. Please stick to using sanitary methods such as one time use cups, napkins, or toothpicks. As a reminder, food needs to stay the temperature it is supposed to be. Keep your cold foods cold and the hot foods hot.

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