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Review from an agent AND a customer!

I’m both an agent for them, but I’m also a client of theirs. I’ve been working in insurance for over 28 years, and I’ve worked with a lot of insurance companies. I have been a client of Safeco for over 14 years now. I’m going to give you a review both as an agent and also as a client so you can have a better picture of who Safeco is and why it’s one of our favorite companies that we like to work with here at Reed Insurance in the states of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

The company as a whole

1. Consistency

Let me tell you a little bit about them. First, I want to talk to you about them as a company. Safeco as a company, one of the things I like about them is that they don’t fluctuate a lot. What I mean by that is they are very consistent with their underwriting and their rating. We don’t see a lot of change in them with the things that they rate for, things that make them nervous, I guess, is a way you could put it. They don’t change a lot from what they will write this year versus what they’ll write next year. Also, their rates don’t change a lot from year to year. Yes, they do have rate changes. Sometimes they increase, sometimes they decrease, but they don’t change drastically from year to year, and they seem to stay pretty consistent from year to year. As I said, I’ve been with them for 14 years. I’ve been very happy over that period of time.

2. Will write all lines of personal lines insurance

What are some other things that I like about them? They’re able to provide all the different policies that I need as a client. I don’t have to use other companies and mix and match coverages because it’s always best to have your coverages with one agent and one company if you can because there may be some sort of situation where maybe there’s a vague area with your policies. You need that same agent so that they can take care of all those different policies for you so they can be aware of that. Then also, if you’ve got them with the same company, you’re going to eliminate that potential threat

3. Pay it forward

Some other things I like about them is they’re just good people. Safeco is one of those companies that they give back. They pay it forward. They are active in our communities by funneling money through different sorts of charity things. All companies give money.  Instead of them just picking whatever charity it is that they want, they’ve decided to funnel that through their agents that they have aligned with. They have already budgeted how much they want to give in charity, which is a great thing for all companies to do and for everybody to do. Well, they do it through their agents so that the money comes back to the local communities where the agents work. Our agency, one of the owners has a charity called Operation G.R.I.T.S. where they organize gifts to be given to soldiers during Christmastime when they’re serving overseas.

Safeco Auto

Some other things about them that I really like and that are really specific to the policy types that they offer. One of them is the auto policy. The auto insurance that they provide, it’s a standard auto policy with some enhancements to it that help provide a better-than-average auto policy. They have different tiers that actually, if you stay with them for a period of time and you don’t have claims, your deductibles will actually decrease over time. Another thing is they’ll actually give you cash back over time as you don’t have claims. They’ll give you claims forgiveness also. So the first claim that you have, they will forgive that incident so that does not become a chargeable claim to you.

Right Track Program

Another thing that they’ve got is they’ve got the RightTrack program. Now, you’ve heard about these different types of programs where you either you plug something into your car or you have a app on your mobile device, your iPhone or your Android phone and that will monitor your driving for a certain period of time. Well, based off of your driving, they will give you a discount.

Well, here’s the thing with them. Some insurance companies potentially your rate can go up. Not with Safeco. They will give you, depending on the state you’re in, the states of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, you’re going to get a minimum of 5% discount just for trying. Even if you’re a lousy driver and you come back and it says you should have been surcharged, they’re not going to surcharge you. They’re still going to give you at the least that 5% discount just because you tried it.

But on average, our clients get around about 18% discount per car for using RightTrack. You just put it on your phone and you drive for a little while. It will give you updates about how you’re doing. You can make it as a game with your family to see who’s doing the best, and all the while you’re improving your driving habits and saving money that you will keep for the life of your policy. If you got a vehicle this year, you sell it, you get another vehicle, that will transfer to your new vehicle. You keep it for the life of your policy. I’ve had that RightTrack discount on my policy for years and years and years even though I’ve changed vehicles.

Safeco Home

With the homeowner policy, you can get $1,000 deductible without having a separate wind and hail deductible in those coastal states that I mentioned. In Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, you can get a standard $1,000 deductible without having to have a separate wind and hail deductible in those states. They will write almost in any area within those states as well. That’s another great thing about them. Their homeowner is very broad. You can get replacement costs on your contents. Some of the policies don’t offer that. You can also get increased perils on your contents. With some of those you can’t get. There’s a lot of other additions that you can add such as water backup, sewer backup. Also, scheduling different things, such as guns or jewelry or golf clubs and all those other different things that you can add onto that policy to make that policy really broad.

Single Deductible Claims

Well, what’s some of the other things? Well, they have a single deductible option. What does that mean? If you have your home and your auto with them, and you have a claim and it affects both your cars and your house, you pay one deductible. Only one. They don’t apply the deductible for the house and also the cars. You only pay one deductible. That’s a great benefit. That could save you easily $1,000 or maybe several thousand dollars in the event you have a claim.

Umbrella, Boat, ATV, etc…

Well, some the other things that I like about them is that I can get all the different things that I own and I need insurance for covered by them. Listen, they provide auto, home, ATV, RV, boat, jet ski, and umbrella policies. They provide all the different things as well as also scheduling the different things that you need, such as again like I said before, your silverware, your jewelry, your fine china, any sort of collectibles that you have, any guns that you may have. All those different things you can get covered through Safeco so you have one insurance company through that one agent that covers all those different things that you may have an exposure to.

So that’s some of the different reasons why I have been an agent that represents Safeco for all these years, but also why I’ve been a client that represents, not represents, but why I’ve been a client of them as well because they just have taken really good care of me. They are one of our favorite companies to write with and one of our top carriers that we use inside of our agency. They do a fantastic job for us inside of those states that we write in: Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi.

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