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Depending on the state you live in, and also just the vernacular that your agency uses, they might either call it medical payments, med pay, Pip, or personal injury, protection, all those things are very similar. Depending on your state laws, those coverages are going to be a little bit different. And depending on your insurance company, they may also offer a little different variation of those coverages. This is one of the crucial things that you need to understand, medical payments are a no-fault medical coverage that you can buy on your auto policy.

When I say no-fault

What I mean is that you don’t have to be at fault, it can be just an accident that happens. It’s nobody’s fault but it just needs to be in association with your vehicle policy. The vehicle that you have on your policy, the language and the policy say that it needs to happen either on, in or around your covered auto. So that kind of tells you that it doesn’t actually have to be that you actually have an auto accident, in a sense of you know, running into another vehicle or the car being in the move.

It can be something as simple as someone getting out of your car and they fall. You could be sitting on your motorcycle, and you’re feet slip underneath and the motorcycle turns over on you, that’s different examples of things that you can file underneath medical payments.

Usually, the coverage for this is not the high limits, $5,000 maybe $10,000. Sometimes it’s even lower than that maybe $2,500 or $1,000. The premiums aren’t very much either, just about always being under $50 per year, per car.

A couple of takeaways

One of them is it’s not very expensive. This is a coverage that you can get that doesn’t have high limits, but the premiums also aren’t going to be very much. The second thing is the limits are not going to be a lot, you’re not purchasing $100,000 or $200,000. You’re going to be purchasing $1000, $5000, maybe $10,000 at the maximum. The next thing to consider is to think about it as if it’s a supplement to other policies you may have. What I mean by that is, maybe you have a health insurance policy that has a really large deductible.

If you were to have an auto accident, that was significant enough that maybe you had a hospital stay or a lot of medical bills, you could file that against your medical payments coverage, and recoup that deductible or at least part of that deductible for that incident. Another thing to think about is that in many states that it will provide for a loss of wages, it’s not going to provide 100% of your wages, it’s probably not going to offer 50% of your wages, but at the cost, it could probably still take care of some of the wages that you have lost because of some sort of auto accident related injury.

It also can provide some different things such as maybe like medical expenses, and funeral expenses, these are different things that you can think of that could be potentially an inexpensive way to purchase. Maybe you don’t have life insurance, but you don’t have a lot of savings for that, this may be an option that you can buy so that if something were to happen where you were to have someone that passed because of an auto accident, they could regain funeral expenses to do that.

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