Company HO3 HO4 HO6 DWG1 DWG3 Payment options (Paid in full, EFT, monthly) Discount options: Paid in Full, in agency auto, Covg A Min Guaranteed RC Umbrella option Central air required Central Heat Required Accept Asbestos siding Unacceptable dog breeds Water Damage Limits Age Water Damage Limits applied Pool Eligible/requirement Slide Eligible Diving Board Eligible Trampoline Eligible/requirement Age of construction minimum Roof age minimum Crawl space acceptable Maximum Liability Limit Maximum Coverage A policy types offered (Home, DWG, Condo, Renters, etc.) Other notes
All State yes Ezpay, credit debit card paind in full paid in full, 10 percent depends on state, early signing 7 days, state dependent, drive wise - calculate in the cellphone depends on the dwelling 100% Yes - 300k no no Not accepted No bite history- all dogs acceptable depends N/A properly fenced and locked no restrictions no restrictions no restr (good condition) 1930 Metal & tile roofs 20 years (Subject to non renewal at 25 years) yes Home, DWF, renters, condo Check tiers for 2% deductible in certain zip. HO standalone has requirements for credit score, prot class, and dwelling value
Allied Trust Yes Mortgagee Billed, Insured Full Pay, Insured 2 Pay and 4 Pay, 2 Pay EFT*, 4 Pay EFT* and 10 Pay EFT* all payment plants 150k-1m 100% yes yes yes Not accepted don't cover, do have animal liability 10k endorsement fenced, or entire property 4 ft high and locked we don't provide liabilities, but you can we don't provide liabilities, but you can we don't provide liabilities, but you can 75 yrs 15 yrs concretes slab. open or enclose LINK
American Modern- H (no HO, just dwelling) Yes Yes pay in full, semi annual, quarterly, bi monthly, and Monthly dwelling basic, special, manufactured home LINK
Progressive/ASI Yes manual payment, paid in full, semi annual- 55% dp - 6 months, 4pay every 90 days - 30% dP paid in full 100k 100% yes yes yes Not accepted endorsement endorsement fenced, or entire property 4 ft high and locked no no no 150 20 yrs. yes, need to be enclosed DP3, HO3, HO4, HO5, HO6 LINK
Fair Plan- H yes yes yes yes yes
Encompass yes Pay in full/Mtg billed, 2pay, 4 pay, 10, pay, Auto deduction or CC, Monthly manual pay yes yes yes
Foremost (Star)- H yes yes 1, 2 , 4 pay, EFT $100,000 100% no yes yes yes, uw approval signed exclusion no specific no, need to sign exclusion no no no none none, 15 yrs acv claim, under 15, RCV yes Pausing New Business on: Foremost Choice (Landlord and Manufactured Home) policies
National General- H yes Paid in full/Mortgagee billed, monthly EFT (20% down with 10 installments), 2 pay, 4 pay In agency auto, no service fee for paid in full $150,000 No No Yes Yes Not accepted Yes No (5k for water back up already included) N/A Accepted with 4 foot fence with locking gates No No Accepted with fence AND safety net 50 yrs or submit to UW No Yes (pier and beam under 3 ft must be enclosed) DWF, Renters No metal buildings on premesis, no ponds, no farm animals, no acreage over 5, must be visible to atleast 3 other dwellings, and paved access
Safeco- H Yes Yes Yes Rental Paid in full/Mortgagee billed, 2 pay, 4 pay, montly EFT 2-pay keeps full pay disct, auto disct applied until next renewal 100 % ext Yes w/auto Yes Yes Yes No N/A Accepted, fences preferred Yes Yes Fences preferred No 30 years (75 for metal) No open foundation for homes built prior 1960 Home, DWF, renters, condo
Safepoint yes Specific parishes are 2% and 3
SageSure-H (SURE) *Not available as of 6/1/22* Paid in full/mortgagee billed, 2 pay, 4 pay, 10 pay In agency auto disct, 50+ and retired disct, $75,000 No No Yes Yes Yes Signed exclusion No N/A Allowed, 4 ft fence required with locking gates Excluded Excluded Excluded with signed statement No 12 for asphalt, 20 for architectural Yes, including open crawlspace or piers/posts HO3 Metal buildings on premises larger than 750 sq feet must be referred to UW
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