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You know about home insurance, auto insurance, mobile home insurance, boat insurance, business insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and all these different types of insurance policies that you can buy, right? Well, there are also several various other types of policies that you may not have ever heard of, but you may have actually been potentially covered by. We’re going to talk about eight different types of policies and help you to understand different things that are outside of the normal policy.

Your Home Insurance and Falling Objects

You wonder as you gaze into nothing “If an asteroid hit my home, how will I ever recover?” The odds of an asteroid actually hitting your home is almost nothing and if it did, you wouldn’t be there, I probably wouldn’t be here, and none of us would probably be here. The thing is, there are a lot of other things that are covered underneath your homeowner’s policy, even though it’s not explicitly asked for but if an asteroid did hit your home or your business, they would be covered by it. Falling objects, an asteroid is a falling object. There are other folding objects too, let’s say that you have a tree and the tree falls on your house, what if you have a new air conditioner that is being installed, and the only way they can get it to your backyard or wherever it belongs, Is with a crane? Let’s say they drop it, and the crane collapses and damages your house, that’s covered.

Going back to the whole asteroid thing, think about it, Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, he’s putting up satellites and sending rockets up into outer space, and what about Elon Musk? He’s also sending, he’s got tons and tons of satellites out there in space and potentially one of them could fall to the earth and actually cause damage to your house. It’s rare, it is a possibility but you’re covered and you didn’t even know it.

Body Part Insurance

I’m not talking about health insurance, life insurance, accidental death, dismemberment insurance, insurance for an organ, or something like that, which you may get. Let’s say that you’re somebody famous and there’s something that you do or some body part that you have, that’s worth a lot of money. Let’s take, for instance, David Beckham, who once insured his legs for $75,000,000, and Mariah Carey, who insured her voice, her five-octave range for $35 million. There are many other examples like that and it is typically insured by a company called Lloyd’s of London.

Change Of Heart Insurance

Now, that is really something like you change your mind, specifically, under wedding insurance. When you and some special person decide that you’re going to get married and you put everything together. You put the event together, and if you’re going to have it at a venue, you probably have to buy insurance for that and one of the elements that you can buy in that order endorsement is something called cancellation. That’s for if by chance, one of you changes your mind, and you cancel, you have a change of heart. Somebody’s going to be looking to get reimbursed for that thing because the average cost of a wedding these days is about $50,000. Yes, average, about $50,000, you may need to get that, hope you don’t but you may.

Prize and Contest Insurance

You’ve heard about different large events that may have some sort of a contest or a prize that may be given, it could be a house, it could be million dollars, it could be a car, it could be a jet or it could be all kinds of different things. Whoever the person that’s putting this may insure against that because the odds are so great, that’s going to happen. They may buy an insurance policy for that, if they do have to pay it off, they can collect it on the insurance policy. A really prime example is a “hole-in-one” on a huge golf tournament. If someone is holding one, and have a large prize at the payoff, then they can lean against the insurance policy that may not pay all of it, but may at least help them recover some of the costs.

Death By Laughter Insurance

This seemed like a rather odd and hilarious topic, right? Once upon a time, a comedian group had a show that was just so hilarious that they were required to buy insurance so that if someone died from laughing, it would cover it. It’s hard to believe but it’s for real, you can search for it on google.

Facial Hair Insurance

There’s been a couple of different instances where people have actually insured facial hair. This is also a product that has been purchased through the Lloyds of London, two different instances are in 1992, a Santa Claus at Macy’s day parade, actually insured his mustache and his beard to make sure that it didn’t get damaged and if it did, that it would be covered. Another example is there was a man named Merv Hughes, who was an Australian cricket player, he insured his mustache for $360,000.

Haunted House Insurance

In the month of October, a lot of times, there will be different places or people that will put on either a Halloween house or a haunted house and the goal of that event is one thing, that is to scare you so bad that it will make you run out of there screaming like a little kid. Now the reality is, that sometimes people get really, really scared and they may get injured. If that were to happen, there is insurance you can buy to take care of that accidental injury or whatever property damage that may happen as well.

Alien Abduction Insurance

If you are abducted by any chance, you find yourself in area 51 or you’re picked up by one of our friends from another world. There is insurance for that and it will help you recover from your damages, your injuries, and whatnot. Here’s the thing, you got to be able to prove somehow, whoever abducted you is actually from another world.

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