What is Your Risk Profile?


What is your risk profile? Chances are, you don’t know. With the traditional “insurance bidding process”, renewal time typically starts when the market is saturated. This leads to rushed procurement of insurance with your real risk issues being unnoticed. Our approach leads to your insurance cost minus RPI (Rushed Procurement of Insurance), saving you money, lowering your total cost of risk and making you a safe and better company.

Reed Insurance is comprised of professional risk managers with operations and risk management backgrounds. Each Reed Insurance client engagement begins with a formal comprehensive baseline risk management assessment. Upon completion, each Reed Insurance client receives a risk management solution customized to fit their specific needs. This is accompanied by exceptional client service.

Our approach is non-traditional and designed to assist companies that are seeking to achieve best in class risk management performance. To discuss how you can receive a complimentary baseline risk management assessment, call email, or set up an appointment with me today.

Please watch the following video on why you should know your Risk Profile.

Thank you,

Brian Chandler

Brian Chandler
Risk Manager
Reed Insurance
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