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Do you know if your business is required to have a Statement of Values? If you are not sure, take two minutes to watch my video where I explain why you do.

If you clicked on this link because you have never heard of a statement of values before, you are not alone.  Most companies in the state of Florida have never completed a statement of values even though we are in one of the worst property insurance markets in the country.  What’s crazier is that most insurance companies REQUIRE this to be on file as a condition of your commercial property insurance policy.
Yes, this looks daunting.  Don’t be intimidated by the form.  It’s actually very easy to complete and even easier to maintain annually after you have gone through the exercise the first time.  If you have questions, we will certainly make ourselves available to answer them so that you can be assured you have completed the form correctly.
If you have completed your company’s statement of values, thank you for your interest in Florida Risk Partners. We provide a full suite of business insurance and risk management solutions for Florida companies plus our Partnership Redefined services to help your business grow.  By focusing on Total Cost of Risk as opposed to insurance policy premiums, we always deliver the best results for our clients, saving them money they didn’t even realize they were losing before we met.
If you would like to explore how Southern Risk Partners can help your company do more than workers compensation, give us a call, send an email or schedule an appointment using the calendar below.
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