Will you get the most dividend from your work comp?


Understanding your workers compensation dividend can be tricky.  Every company has different terms and conditions and, after all, they aren’t even guaranteed.  One thing many businesses don’t know is that you can actually project your dividend and use those projections for future planning and budgeting.  You should never be surprised when you get the call from your agent that your most recent dividend check has arrived. 

If you don’t know how much money you should be expecting, we can help!  Reed Insurance provides dividend projections for all of our clients in real-time as part of our Risk Management Action Plan. 

Don’t wait to be surprised any longer.  Call, email, or schedule an appointment with me today to discuss your Risk Management Action Plan and dividend projections.

Please watch the following video on how to maximize your workers compensation dividend.

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Brian Chandler

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Reed Insurances’ process invokes 360 degree risk management accountability, 365 days a year. With many companies being caught in the “commodity trap” 90 days before their renewal date, insurance and risk management end up becoming a foregone conclusion once the exhausting renewal process is over.

Through a well thought‐out, annualized strategy and daily execution, Reed Insurances’ team is able to deliver best in class results.

If your renewal process has been anything less than perfect, why not spend a few minutes scoring your experience and learning how we can assure you will never have to go through this headache again? Download your copy of our Renewal Satisfaction Scorecard today to see how well you did and then call us to learn more.

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