You may be looking into life insurance for your or you family. Here are some things to be aware of that might keep you from getting the best rate.

Tobacco use.
Doesn't matter what way you consume it, tobacco use will cost you more on your life insurance. Good news is: you can quit smoking and become eligible for a non-smoker rate within 1 or 2 years, depending on the company.
Science and statistics have proved that being overweight increases your likelihood of health problems and dying earlier. The more overweight you are, the more your insurance will cost, and some companies will deny you coverage.
Driving record.
"What does my driving record have to do with it." Well, the life company is not going to deny you for two minor violations, but more than two moving violations or accidents will tend to give the impression that you are a higher risk.
Current or previous health issues.
Health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Crohn's disease, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes will cause your life premium to be more. Each of these are factors that will contribute to a shorter life expectancy.
We are not talking about short term depression because of losing a loved one. However, if you are having issues with long term depression or taking medication for long term depression, your life insurance costs will be more. Both the depression and long term use of medications to treat depression cause concern to insurance carriers.
Substance abuse.
It is just a fact, substance abuse causes deterioration of health, mental instability, and shortened life expectancy.
Family history.
"You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family." Statistics have shown that your family's health history is a pretty good indicator of your health future.
Dangerous hobbies.
Do you sky dive, scuba dive, hang glide, fly your own plane, rock climb, participate in motorized racing? Each of these are classified as "dangerous" hobbies for a reason and will affect your rate if not your ability to purchase life insurance.
Your job.
Just like hobbies, some occupations are higher risk than others. You have a higher rate of injury or death from a job such as in law enforcement or utility services than you do as an office worker. This is not to say that just because you work in law enforcement you will pay more, but if you work as a steel worker at dangerous heights you will.
Especially travel to foreign countries. This doesn't mean that because you took a cruise to Cozumel that you no longer are eligible for life insurance, but frequent travels to some areas could affect your rate due to the possibility of picking up infectious viruses or diseases, increase crime, or civil unrest in that area.
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